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Über mich

Hi, I’m Karla, a UI/UX Designer who loves making products delightful to see and to interact with. I've worked in several industries building personalized products that solve problems.

I have assisted more than 150 national and multinational companies of various industries and sizes, designed more than 100 websites with both static and dynamic content. I have delivered creative design for over 700 email marketing and 50+ landing page campaigns, each reaching thousands of consumers. I am a highly motivated self-starter with the ability to work in a team or individually, adept at listening to needs, and who pays strong attention to detail and design quality.

Fifteen years of independent consulting have taught me the importance of staying on top of new technologies. I did learn from each project and it has ensured that my career continues to flourish and has helped me to grow both as a professional and as a person. I am committed to delivering the best experience by implementing new ideas and processes quickly and effectively, helping to streamline workflows.

I am designing, building, and publishing Apps on the App Store and Google Play Store. I have been using powerful and reliable no-code tools like Bravo Studio and Airtable. Creating fully functional MVPs help my customers shorten the time-to-market, reduce costs in comparison to traditional development, and iterate with high speed.

My passion for learning, design, and people has led me to become a mentor. As a UI/UX mentor, I am responsible to help my mentees keep their progress with weekly 1:1 calls, detailed constructive feedback, career advice, and interviews training. I assist mentees to create portfolios with unique and relevant projects to their industry and career interests so that they would be job-ready.

I have developed a program called Bravo Mentor where I train mentees to bring their ideas from Ideation to Market. The program teaches the basics of problem-solving applied through Design Sprint, uses real cases, and gives an overview of necessary tools to make the MPV come into life.

I have gained a variety of knowledge throughout my professional career, and with development and interface skills, I'm capable of tasks beyond the role of a Designer and will be able to communicate effectively within a tech team to create digital products that are accessible and more enjoyable to use. Take a look at my portfolio: https://vitaminak.design and get in touch!

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