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Über mich

We record, edit and mix your songs, demos, video clips and CDs. We produce commercials, image films, podcasts, tutorials, features, audio books, radio plays and much more. We compose, arrange and remix songs. Your company needs a sound branding? Your wedding film is boring without melody? We make audio post productions for visual media and sound design for movies and games. Contact us with your requirements and ideas. Give us a brief insight and we will find a solution for you.

Referenzen / Projekthistorie

Are you pregnant with a vision? We take care of the technical part. We bring the equipment, build the stage, prepare the venue and set up the mediasystem.

We look after your event. Furthermore, we make live recordings (audio and video). Celebrations, weddings, concerts, parties, conferences, presentations and workshops, whether big or small, we will work out a suitable solution for your event. Contact us with your idea. Give us a brief overview and we will realize your visions